Important Information regarding exclusions to the Protection Plan

  • Call out charges for lost keys where keys have not been left in the lockbox as instructed, after reporting maintenance issues.

  • Keys not left in the lockbox and the end of your stay.

  • Excess trash left on the departure (more than 3 black bags). Trash collection is on specific days, please return emptied bins promptly from the street to the house once the collection has been completed.

  • Any deliberate damage or gross negligence as determined by USAirtours Villas team and the property management company.

  • Charges associated with either smoking in the home and/or pets in the home. Neither is permitted.

  • Frozen air condition units caused by leaving doors and windows open and temperatures setting below 70 degrees Fahrenheit, 21 degrees Celsius.

  • Blocked toilets – charges as a result of a plumber/management company being called to unblock due to excess paper and/or any foreign objects.

  • Late checkout charges where the home is not vacated by 10am.

  • Unreported accidental damages.